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What is Grace?

I heard of this thing called Grace

and everyone is talking about it.

They even have a song about it,

have you heard it Amazing Grace?


I long to get some of it but I’m being selfish

you have given me a taste.

But Father O God is it wrong to ask for a buffett?


You speak about greed and that’s a trait we shouldn’t have

but if you look in my heart

You are a mate I couldn’t have.


It wasn’t your choice but mines

because I wanted to act a fool

and push you behind.


I always knew there would come a time

when you would turn my head

It’s like that forbidden love that one’s heart

could never shed


But there is a difference!


You are giving it freely well,

What is the problem?

What can’t I see?


I say I surrender, all praises go to you, you have spared me,

shown mercy, delivered me, and

yet you still aren’t through


Lord what do you want me to do? Tell me and I will

Remove me from situations not to be tempted

so I can hear  only from you


I am begging for relationship like I have done so many times in this fleshly world

You said you were different and I can experience true love through you and your word

Well God you made me so you know what it takes to make nothing not shake me

I want you to wrap me in your arms and never let go

and I vow that in return I will share your goodness bringing more to the Kingdom letting all your righteousness show

Use me God as an example let me be the pawn, elevate me to the Queen with elegance and brawn.

You are magnificent my God thank you for showing your face.

Showing mercy on me.

now God where’s that Grace?



Jumbled Mess

You know when everything is scattered

and the thing you are really looking for

the one thing that really mattered

looks all tattered

torn in shreds

and is battered

but is hidden in a jumbled mess

it may not be the best

but it’s nothing like the rest

however its hidden

just watching you

not wanting to be found

not looking to be bound

so under those piles and mounds

are more and more layers and

pounds, don’t worry none are

from you, although if you want…..

You know when everything is scattered

and the thing you are really looking for

the one thing that really mattered

looks all tattered

torn in shreds

and is battered

you have to sift, sort, and clean up that jumbled mess

Writer’s Block

It’s so hard to write daily or weekly is what I always complain

but I let things get so pent up and then who’s to blame?

Always comparing their eloquent writings and wondrous word play

to my jibber jabber, basic rhymes, struggling to depict  what to say

until I have talked myself out of posting

what a shame


Words stuck behind the flashing red and orange signs

alarming “Construction Ahead”

slamming directly into a wall made of blocks in brick red


Paragraphs playing offense with the lines of the document

however my mind has the best running back and nothing is getting past

lined up at the fourth down defense not moving like cement


Better yet going up for alley oop

antonyms arriving, synonyms singing, and metaphors milling

only to have have that one blocked too, just another tally


Sweet talk

Small talk

Around the clock

Writer’s Block

Fall Leaves




I can hear you God

the wisps between each leaf

as you blow through the trees


I can hear you God

the pitter patter of the crunchy leaf

flipping across the courtyard


I can hear you God

floating across the fountain

as the leaf gurgles in the water


I can hear you God

folding over in the flower pot

because the air is so crisp & brisk


I can hear you God

changing yet again, another year

green,red, orange, yellow, brown

until nothing is left but another year

Letter From God

Hold on to me Daughter


Hold on to me God
Please don’t let go
It’s not that I don’t believe
but it’s like I have ADD
darting to and fro

Although it’s all things that glorify,
represent, and exalt your name
I don’t want to be a fan,
follower, or cheerleader
Most importantly I’m scared to bring you

I hear the murmurs now,
“Is she serious?”
“Why is she going to the extreme?”
“Just six months ago she was in the club
drinking, smoking, and crying over Kareem”

I’m hoping and can only imagine God’s response:
“Daughter you are right, six months ago that was you
but I wiped that filth off
you and made you clean.”

“Whether six months, six days, six minutes
you still chose me.
Run faster my love and
I will continue to give you

Who cares what they say? Not I
and I am the King. You want
to talk well Precious I am listening.
Cry, scream, vent, mumble, or sing
whatever you want to communicate
baby girl I am listening.

It will be alright. It will get
Trusting and believing in me is not
an easy thing. I know you are strong tho.
I built you stronger than
“Ford Tough.”

Give yourself grace it took
a while for you to get here.
I know who you are,
where you are, and
it is not a scheme.You long for me like
I have longed for you.
Don’t worry about other people just
Hold on to Me!


I found this in a notebook written March 29,2012

It drives me to push forward
Thinking I’m invisible
Yet not spiraling downward
But moving toward invincible

Where is my good job
No stickers for me
They say how old are you?
You are too young to be blue!

Those after me look in awe while
Those before me never saw
Setting a precedent and a law
Never giving up and sawing naw

Knowing matter factly my future
Is brighter than my cloudy past
Knowing these dark days won’t

I push forth like never before
Wanting it more and more
The lack of resources and knowledge
Is what it bore

Motivation, ambition, persistence,
Summation, cultivation, existence
Words to just you
Livelihood will do

Stomp my feet clap my hands
And give praise
Until my dying days

God revealed himself to me
And kicked me from the
Driving seat
So I buckled up just happy we could
Lift every voice and sing
Celebrate the new King
His reign is everlasting
But His love is surpassing

Why won’t you help me?
Is it because of the God in me?
I take that as a compliment
But won’t forget with every accomplishment

I shed my hurt, torment, and years
Yet you couldn’t lend a ear
My name you don’t know
No feelings is what you show

But God said love thy neighbor as
So I’ll take you off the shelf
Bless those who persecute you
Cuz they need love too

Share with those in need
And I will indeed
Cuz see I won’t shun
But you are the source to my

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