Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Blood

Trapped, Frozen, Stagnant

Not moving but somewhere to go

Nothing holding you back

A flower that won’t grow


Is won’t the correct term?

Can’t couldn’t want, stop

The list could go on from the

Internal roadblocks placed between

Me and there


Unable to relish in real time joy

Because that voice inside you

Uses that as a ploy

To bring you down as fast as

You got up


Fighting for your life

Literally fighting for your life

Your brain is the most important muscle

In your body but it’s confused

Thinking and believing you will lose

But your heart, your heart



Your heart is beneficial, necessary, integral

For life pumping blood the source

To end all strife


It was the blood, His blood that has delivered

You and me, he and she

We are covered, He has suffered so

Our dreams deferred could be


The future and the plans promised to us

Will manifest, we will complete the conquest,

Despite the many rests


What is planned for you is for you

It does not include failure and destruction

Trust in the Lord with all your might

Leaning on His understanding and instruction

Guaranteeing you peace for all the inner

Turmoil will ultimately cease


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